Llama & ceviche induced satisfaction coma: A day in Lima, Peru

Lima was surprising as hell.

I expected a somewhat  tarnished and  polluted yet interesting capital, but it far surpassed my expectations, heavily influenced by my own experience of Mexico City. Excelling in culture, sights, folklore, friendliness, ocean-views, shopping malls, and variety of attractions-  Lima captured a special niche in my traveling heart-sprawl: It is both familiar & exotic, and not too long of a flight from Benito Juarez International Airport.

Lima made a strong case for itself from the start. I arrived on a red-eye from São Paulo, and was almost immediately welcomed by a dance parade (granted, my friend Thais greeted me first), which is on my list for top three introductions to anyplace anywhere.

Below you can find some pictures from said parade, which was an assorted sample of traditional dances and attire from the state of Junin. They did a wonderful job as far as cultural promotion/being a commercial goes. The dancers were so incredibly friendly (as you can see from the featured image on this post) that it effectively convinced me to go back to the wonderful llama-filled & ceviche-purveying land of Peru as soon as possible, the most likely date for this being in upcoming spring  (comments, suggestions, and recommendations for Cuzco & other areas are more then welcome )!

Anyway,  to quote Mad Max, “Witness me [and these fabulous dancers] bloodbag!”:


Ladies showing off, not one, but TWO layers of intricate skirt embroidery. They mentioned that the costumes were annoyingly heavy. © Bryan Sta Cruz


© Bryan Sta Cruz


Whips, masks, medals, feathers, hats, boots, headdresses, shawls, there was no shortage of accessories, nor elaborate ways of combining them. This particular costume reminded me of Jack Sparrow in the second Pirates of the Caribbean.  ©Bryan Sta Cruz


Ceviche from Buffet Criollo, a meal worthy of the Incan Gods.

FOOD: Buffet Criollo “El Rinconcito Escondido”  in Parque Hernan Velarde 71  is a freakin godsend of a casual buffet. Try it out to get a taste of a big and mouthwatering traditional  Peruvian feast.

LECHE DE TIGRE:  One of the best parts of Peru, in my humble opinion, is how they eat their ceviche (cebiche, in some places where they tell grammar to get the fuck outta they face). After enjoying the delectable fishy morsels, Peruvians drink the leftover lemony, spicy, occasionally herb-infused fluid, sometimes in a cognac or shot glass that can be topped up a second or third time. And this alone is reason enough to return to the country. Flavorful lemon juices are life.


Catching the sunset with a Pisco Sour from a restaurant in Larcomar.


Who would’ve thought Lima was such a great place for these kinds of afternoons. Also, have I mentioned the Llamas?



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